Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation Service in Redondo Beach, CA

When your garbage disposal stops working or backs up your kitchen sink, it can be a major inconvenience. At My Redondo Beach Plumber Hero, we know you have two options – fix the problem or ignore it. Obviously, ignoring a broken garbage disposal is easier said than done and not advisable. Unfortunately, many people do just that, which can make it inconvenient to do dishes and it can even lead to major plumbing issues or create health hazards for you and other members of your household.

If you find yourself struggling with your garbage disposal, we want you to know that help is just a phone call away.

Are you putting off calling for professional plumbing service because you don’t have the money? We know that financial concerns play a huge role in whether a person repairs a broken disposal or lives with an inadequate appliance. This is why we try to work with everyone’s budget, finding affordable solutions that don’t break the bank.

Save Money with these Maintenance Tips

One of the best ways to save money on garbage disposal repairs is to keep your disposal running smoothly for as long as possible.  You can achieve this goal by taking certain precautions and following the manufacturer suggestions for operating your disposal.

  • Do not treat your disposal like a trash compactor. Residential disposals are intended for light use only. You should only put food waste from plates, bowls, and cookware in the disposal, taking care not to dispose of grease, fats, and fibrous foods.
  • If you have a lot of food waste from a meal, dispose of it in batches. This will prevent overfilling the disposal and overtaxing the motor.
  • Clean your disposal with dish detergent and cold water. Stay away from chemical cleaners. These are unnecessary and they can damage your pipes.
  • As soon as you notice a problem with your disposal, turn it off immediately and call for repair service. Continuing to use a broken disposal can lead to catastrophic failure, which can mean you need to buy a new disposal.

When You Need a New Garbage Disposal

Eventually you’re garbage disposal will stop working and you’ll need to replace it. If you take care of your appliance, you won’t need to replace your disposal for many years. But, when that time comes, our plumbing experts are available to answer any questions you have regarding horsepower and other features of all brands including Waste King, General Electric, Maytag, and more!

For guaranteed garbage disposal repair and replacement service in Redondo Beach, CA, call (310) 499-2399 to speak with a friendly, plumbing associate today.