Toilet Repair and Toilet Installation in Redondo Beach, CA

Toilet repairs and toilet installations are some of our most popular plumbing services. These plumbing fixtures are subjected to an extreme amount of wear and tear that can cause both minor and major problems. Luckily, homeowners who are on top of the situation can circumvent most costly repairs. This is why we like to keep the lines of communication.

My Redondo Beach Plumber Hero is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any plumbing questions you have. Our team of experienced plumbing contractors is on-call morning, noon, and night to respond to your emergencies and offer advice.

Your Toilet Installation Specialists

No matter if your toilet is beyond repair or you’re simply interested in swapping out a toilet that guzzles water like crazy for a model that prefers to sip from the water supply, we can help.

Did you know that toilets waste the most water in a household? Forget leaving the water running while brushing your teeth. If you own an older model toilet, you could be wasting as much as seven gallons of water every time you flush the toilet. Thanks to improvements in design and the affordability of high efficiency toilets, more and more households are saving money when they install new toilets.

There are a number of models to choose of all different brands. From pressure-assisted toilets to gravity toilets, our licensed plumbers in Redondo Beach, CA, are happy to explain the pros and cons of the various toilets available. We can answer questions about the dual-flush option, help you find an ADA-approved toilet, if necessary, and even point out the benefits of features you never even considered such as no-touch automatic flushing, lighted toilet seats, and built-in bidets.

Clogged Toilets Are No Match for Our Team of Plumbers

A clogged toilet is the one toilet problem that can make even the toughest person feel faint and sickened. When your toilet won’t flush and you’re faced with the possibility of the toilet overflowing, you need to take care of the problem fast. Waste water that sits in your toilets or gurgles up into your bathroom sinks and bathtubs can present health hazards. The best way to address this situation is to call an experienced plumber right away.

Our industry certified plumbers have a number of tools at their disposal to resolve the problem right away. From hydro-jetting to sewer line repairs, there isn’t a clog that can evade our plumbers’ aggressive treatments.

Prevent Toilet Repairs with these Suggestions

Do you want to keep the plumber away? Proper care and maintenance go a long way toward preventing plumbing problems like clogs and broken toilets.

  • Keep clogs from forming in your drainpipes by using small amounts of 1-ply or 2-ply toilet paper.
  • Do not flush tampons, sanitary napkins, or their applicators and wrappers down the toilet.
  • Install toilet locks to keep small children from playing in the toilet.
  • Do not store heavy items on the back of the toilet. This prevents accidents from happening and damaging the toilet. Cracks in porcelain cannot be repaired and will result in toilet replacement.

To learn more about how you can maintain your toilets and circumvent major repairs, give us a call. We’re happy to troubleshoot with you and offer our professional advice.