Plumbers Near You Provide Tips for Protect Your Water Heater from Earthquake Damage

Plumbers Near You in Redondo Beach Provide Water Heater Repair and MaintenanceSouthern California residents are not stranger to seismic activity. Earthquakes are common in the area and even a small tremor can damage your water heater. At My Redondo Beach Plumber Hero, we have some plumbing tips for homeowners that will help them protect their appliance and their home in the event of an earthquake.

Water Heater Maintenance Tip: Secure the Appliance

Is your water heater attached to the wall? If not, it’s at risk of toppling during an earthquake. Homes with water heaters that are located near a wall, should call a local plumber to help them attach the appliance. If your water heater is located in the middle of your basement, consider hiring a Redondo Beach plumber to relocate the appliance to a place in your home where it can be securely attached.

4 Reasons to Secure Your Water Heater

Still not convinced that you need to secure your water heater? Here are 4 reasons to put this on the top of your to do list this year.

  • Water heater replacement after an earthquake can be expensive. These appliances cost anywhere from $500 upwards.
  • Water damage and fire damage (from gas-powered water heaters) can cost thousands of dollars.
  • A gas-powered water heater that topples or is damaged could put your entire home at risk of exploding.
  • Local building codes may require your water heater to be braced or strapped.

After an Earthquake

If your water heater isn’t securely fastened and there is an earthquake, check the unit for leaks. Units that are leaking water should have the water turned off at the source and emergency plumbers near you should be called to inspect the damage. Homeowners with gas water heaters should also turn off the gas source to prevent fire and explosion hazards.

At My Redondo Beach Plumber Hero, our goal is to keep you safe 24/7. For more water heater maintenance tips or to learn why we’re the #1 plumbers near you, call us today!

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